PTO Volunteers & Hooker Oak Staff



Dr. Sesha Zinn-Ansorge, President

(530) 228-2112

Heather Duggins, Vice-President

(408) 781-7553

Melissa Rose, Treasurer

(530) 524-2980

Amie Riesen, Secretary

(530) 781-2170

Nicole Phillips, Public Relations Coordinator

(530) 570-5520

Selena Littrell-Poon, Public Relations Coordinator

(530) 343-7531

Callie Balinski, Events Coordinator

(650) 302-9979

Rita Barron, Events Coordinator

(530) 518-5878

Rachael Dimon, Parent Coordinator

(805) 630-6247

Kelli French, Parent Coordinator

(530) 228-6553

Jennifer Parks, Arts Committee Coordinator

(530) 864-0336

Sarah Eblin, Arts Committee Coordinator

(805) 807-2847

Jennifer Campbell, Green Committee

(530) 360-9675

Nicole Campbell, Green Committee

(530) 566-3909

Michelle Ahearn, Green Committee

Erim Celik, Corporate Liaison

(530) 635-0573

Sue Peterson, Upper Grades (4/5) Coordinator

(530) 592-9893

TC Argel, Upper Grades (4/5) Coordinator

(530) 514-2821


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Lindsey Sedar, Class Rep for Brown

(831) 331-8880

Becca Hansen, Class Rep for Calderon

(530) 864-5443

Melissa Anders, Class Rep for Ricketts

(530) 774-8279

Megan Kurtz, Class Rep for Hudson/Privett

(530) 228-0336

Alison Rice, Class Rep for Friend

(530) 864-3030

Betsy Amis, Class Rep for Chesbro

Dena Hayes, Class Rep for Groody

(539) 680-2512

Lisa Snyder, Class Rep for Rossovich 

(530) 566-7696

Jennifer Edwards, Class Rep for Oldfield

(530) 521-6013

Lisa Phizackerley, Class Rep for Dennis

(530) 566-5168

Selena Littrell-Poon, Class Rep for Dudkowski

(530) 343-7531

Sarah Christensen, Class Rep for Copper

(530) 321-0443

Dena Hayes, Class Rep for Hildebrandt

(539) 680-2512

Sarah Eblin, Class Rep for Geise

(805) 807-2847

Sue Peterson, Class Rep for Pendergrass

(530) 592-9893


Hooker Oak Staff Directory

Brian Holderman, Principal

Monica Brown, T-K Teacher

Room 19

Maggie Ricketts, Kindergarten Teacher

Room 20

Stacy Calderon, Kindergarten Teacher

Room 18

Autumn Chesebro, First Grade Teacher

Room 1

Erica Hudson, First Grade Teacher

Room 2

Kristen Privett, First Grade Teacher

Room 2

Kimberly Friend, First Grade Teacher

Room 3

Jennifer Rossovich, Second Grade Teacher

Room 14

Megan Groody, Second Grade Teacher

Room 15

Sarah Lawrence-Oldfield, Second/Third Combo Teacher

Room 16

Kelly Dennis, Third Grade Teacher

Room 5

Tracie Dudkowski, Third Grade Teacher

Room 4

Beth Geise, Fourth Grade Teacher

Room 9

Katie Pendergrass, Fourth Grade Teacher

Room 6

Michelle Copper, Fifth Grade Teacher

Room 7

Melinda Hildebrandt, Fifth Grade Teacher

Room 10

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Hooker Oak School PTO

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Dr. Sésha Zinn-Ansorge, PTO President

(530) 228-2112

Heather Duggins, PTO Vice President

(408) 781-7553