Announcements & Hooker Oak News

Open PTO Positions

We need help with a few areas for the PTO.  Most are shared positions. Refer to the Contact Info to  see the full list of positions and officers currently serving. Contact us at with questions and interest.

Co-Moderator: Moderate and lead PTO monthly meetings

Corporate Liaison: Secure sponsorships from local businesses

Green Committee: Help manage the school garden, nature center and composting program

School Closed Due to Camp Fire


Per the Butte County Office of Education, Superintendent Tim Taylor, all Butte County Schools will begin on Monday, December 3, 2018 including Chico Unified Schools.

Chico Unified School District will resume our regular school schedule at that time. Please continue to check the Chico Unified website for update at

Thank you

TLC for the Nature Study Area

Next time you are in the school halls, take a look outside at the Nature Study Area. It is in the middle of a much-deserved renovation. 

A big shoutout to Lowe's who came in October with materials (mulch, gravel, irrigation) and their own volunteers to begin the hard work of cleaning up and starting work on the pond, irrigation and walkways. Many thanks also go to the Green Committee's Michelle Ahern, Jennifer Rossovich, and several families that came out to help.

Look for continued improvements in construction of the pond and bog.

2018 Jog-A-Thon a Big Win!

The Jog-A-Thon on Sept. 28, 2018 was a great success for the students at Hooker Oak. This year, the students raised over $24,000 for our school!

The entire school participated and school spirit was high. Students jogged their hearts out while the disco music pumped out the beats, and Principal Brian, teachers and parent fans cheered them on.

Our kids benefit every day from the fundraising efforts of this event! The school uses this money not only for extra curricular activities like art, theater and events, but also for classroom technology and teacher supplies that are not funded publicly.

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped bring this all together!

Your Donations Increase Supply Budgets!

Because of you and your generous donations to the Hooker Oak PTO, teachers are getting more money for supplies, tools and resources for your children’s classes!

This fall, the PTO will reimburse each teacher up to $18 per student for classroom needs. That’s a total of $6,696! Look for more to come in the spring as well.

Donations and volunteers help make our school great! Thank you for your generosity!

Congratulations on Academic and Attendance Achievements!

At a recent all school get-together, Hooker Oak School was acknowledged for two top scores last year: largest improvement in ELA (English Language Acquisition) and highest attendance rates. Principal Brian relayed this information at the August PTO meeting, noting that Math scores also improved. 

Great job students, teachers and families!

2018-2019 Improvements

Because of the generous donations from Hooker Oak families and community members, the PTO was able to distribute funds for so many many important school improvements:


  • Curriculum subscriptions
  • Classroom supply disbursements of more than $20/student
  • Nature Center pond build
  • MPR stage lights
  • Outdoor painted murals
  • Donations to Hooker Oak families affected by Camp Fire
  • Special all-school assemblies
  • And more!